On Resolutions.

As the fervor of the holidays becomes a distant memory and the nights get just a little colder, after the clink of the last champagne glass and after the last of the celebratory glitter is tossed, we find ourselves looking towards a new beginning. A new year, a fresh start.

I’m not one for resolutions, mostly because I can barely follow the rules. Diets, cleanses – cleaning, eating, social, or anything otherwise – I have a really hard time following. Beholden to a set of rules I’ve put upon myself? Are you kidding me? Don’t eat cheese? You’re crazy. NO GLUTEN? I’m sorry – not happening. Scrub the toilet every Tuesday? Excuse me, Martha, I have better places to be. Like on my couch in a Netflix binge trance catching up on a show I stopped watching three years ago because I forgot it was so good.

I would be completely lying to you if I said there is a tiny little piece of my dark rebel heart that wishes I could get on the bandwagon. Make all of the projects, do all of the cleaning, eat all of the right things, be the perfect person the last week of December that I was – in earnest – trying to be the January before.

The truth is, though, we do have to make some pretty strong commitments to see change through. There isn’t enough wanting in the world to make something happen unless you’re ready to put in the work to get damn thing done.

This year my commitment is simple: To move through 2015 graciously, thoughtfully, do some good, and spend time enjoying the things I really love.

To do more of what I really, really love: photography, cooking, and writing.

To clear the clutter and live in a more creative space.

To put more good into the world than I take.

To be better to this one body I’ve been given.

To spend more time with people I truly care about and with whom that sentiment is shared.

So, I won’t be washing the curtains every other week or scrubbing the bathroom floor on a Saturday morning (regularly, anyway) but I will do my best to keep these little goals present as I move through this next year.

What this blog is about – is primarily the first of these things – photography, cooking and writing – with a sprinkling of the rest here and there…

Let’s do this, 2015!



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